About RedTail

RedTail is a journalistic endeavor of award-winning tech reporter Kate Kaye. Launched in October 2018, the site and the one-of-a-kind enterprise and investigative reporting you’ll find here were created by Kate out of a sense of necessity and a pure love of reporting with integrity on under-covered issues. Through RedTail, Kate aims to shed light on the issues propelling the AI and broader tech ethics movement, along with adjacent issues such as government policy on tech and data use.

These days, Kate is senior reporter at Protocol covering AI and data, so RedTail is not a primary focus of her day-to-day work.

Kate cares about the impact of technology on everyday people and our daily lives. Throughout her reporting career, she has approached her coverage and analysis through that lens. She has focused her reporting on covering areas including surveillance tech, the data industry, data privacy, digital political campaigns, voter targeting and mobile location data. Her background in tech journalism gives her a unique ability to recognize emerging dynamics as corporate, academic, advocacy and government entities influence and establish AI ethics standards, regulations and policy.

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Take a look at some of Kate’s best reporting from throughout her career here.

Who’s Paying for This?

RedTail is not monetized, nor does it have a business model. It currently is enabled solely by the unpaid work of Kate Kaye. Despite its “dot org” and lack of business model, RedTail is not an official non-profit organization.

What’s Up with the Name?

RedTail has a multilayered meaning. The mission of this project is to watch the AI ethics movement “like a hawk,” hence, the reference to the beautiful Red-tailed Hawk. It turns out the letters A and I are in the name, too, making for a clever-if-unintentional coincidence. In addition, the color red is often associated with danger. RedTail reporting, while recognizing the potential benefits of AI, also sees its risks. And “tail,” well, it’s a homophone for “tale,” and this is a place for journalistic storytelling.

A Little More about Kate Kaye

kate_headshot_bridge2017One of the first journalists to track how political organizations use voter data and digital advertising (as early as 2002), she is the author of “Campaign ’08: A Turning Point for Digital Media,” a 2009 book covering the digital targeting efforts of the 2008 presidential campaigns. Kate has reported for Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, CityLab, OneZero, NPR and several other media outlets.

She’s appeared on NPR’s On the Media, Weekend Edition Sunday, and WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show, in addition to Oregon Public Radio, Fox’s Stossel Show and CBC Radio, and spoken at events held by Yale Law School, Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, ProPublica and Annenberg School of Communications.

Kate lives in Portland, Oregon after many years on the east coast working in NYC. She’s a baseball fan, eclectic music nerd and sometimes record-spinning DJ. She likes to hike, watch Ospreys and other raptors, cook, read the paper and yell at the radio.

Please contact Kate Kaye via email at Kate @ RedTailMedia dot org.