A Surveillance Tech Podcast

RedTail reporter Kate Kaye explores surveillance tech in cities in a new scripted podcast series from Smart Cities Dive.

When does a smart city become an overly-surveilled city? In City Surveillance Watch, a new narrative podcast series from Smart Cities Dive, RedTail reporter Kate Kaye explores the inherent dichotomy of data-hungry technologies that – while promising to make cities safer and more efficient – can also be considered forms of surveillance tech. 

In three in-depth episodes, listeners will travel across the country, digging deep into stories that illuminate how and why cities are using surveillance tech. They’ll hear from people who oppose its use, from law enforcement representatives who support it, from city staff who manage it and from others affected by these technologies every day.

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About Kate Kaye

Kate Kaye is a journalist who tells deeply-reported stories with words and sound. Her work has been published in Protocol, MIT Technology Review, CityLab, OneZero, Fast Company, and many other outlets, and it’s been heard on NPR, American Public Media’s Marketplace and other radio programs and podcasts. Kate has been interviewed about her work across the media spectrum from Fox’s Stossel show to Slate and NPR’s Weekend Edition. Follow Kate Kaye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KateKayeReports